Believe it, haters. Only LeBron rivals MJ.

Last night LeBron James led the his Cleveland Cavaliers to the franchise’s second ever NBA Finals while sweeping an Atlanta Hawks team that posted the best record in the Eastern Conference this year. It marked a fifth straight year that “The King” will be in the finals. It also further legitimized James’ status as the heir to Michael Jordan’s GOAT thrown.

Before you spit your coffee all over your computer, hear me out.

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Vancouver Basketball Network NBA Playoff Podcast Episode 07 – May 23

This week Vancouver Basketball’s Andrew Wadden & Clint Lomax discuss the happenings and stories surrounding the NBA Conference Finals, which upcoming free agents are going to get paid this summer and the boys try to booster the spirits of New York Knicks fans.

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The playoffs, payoff!

NBA player’s make a living playing professional basketball over an 82-game schedule and if they play on a team that’s good enough, they get to play in the playoffs. Unpaid. You see the cheques stop once the regular season ends. However, a good playoff run can make those cheques that much bigger. The superstars make their money regardless of playoff success (see Carmelo Anthony), but the average NBA player that’s looking for a nice payday can do so if they step up their game when the real season begins.

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Source: Andrew Wadden of Vancouver Basketball

Despite losing the lottery, the Knicks can still pick a winner

The New York Knicks haven’t played a game since April 15th, yet yesterday continued to lose. After having the second best shot at landing the first overall pick in the NBA Draft, the Knicks drew the fourth pick, suffering yet another loss in what has been a season chalked full of them.

Sorry Knicks fans, but chin-up! Maybe this is a good thing.

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An Allen Iverson Thing

At the age of 40, I don’t think I should defend myself anymore. [Read more…]

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