Canada’s greatest basketball player of all time, Steve Nash, may retire after a season-ending injury. Here is Captain Canada’s impact on the NBA.

Steve Nash, Captain Canada, may have played his final game in the NBA. His last two seasons may have been filled with turmoil and recovery, but we’ll never forget what he did for the NBA, basketball, and our homeland of Canada. Here at Vancouver Basketball, we’ve compiled a list of articles from arouned the web showing the world’s support for our home-town kid. We’ll miss seeing Steve on the court, but we can not wait to see what’s around the corner for the basketball legend.

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The Baller and the Boarder: Robert Sacre and Danny Montoya Hit up LA

Los Angeles Lakers center Robert Sacre doesn’t know much about LA, so we sent him out with pro skateboarder and local expert Danny Montoya to hit the city. [Read more...]


Toronto Raptors rookies Bruno Caboclo, Lucas Nogueira hope to learn from veterans this season

TORONTO — Not to make the Toronto Raptors’ two Brazilian rookies seem like they are in a boy band — OK, precisely for that reason — but Bruno Caboclo is the quiet one and Lucas Nogueira is the fun one.

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Source: Source: National Post 2014-15 GM Survey

The NBA GM’s did their annual survey, here are your results:

Who will win the 2014-15 MVP?
1. LeBron James, Cleveland — 67.9%
2. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City — 21.4%
Also receiving votes: Carmelo Anthony, New York; Blake Griffin, L.A. Clippers; Chris Paul, L.A. Clippers
Last year: LeBron James — 69.0%

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20 Maps That Explain The NBA

SB Nationhas put together a comprehensive list of 20 maps that give you insight on today’s NBA. You can see the rest of the 20, here

One excerpt from the article…

#12 The Champions of the World

The 2014 Spurs were truly champions of the world. The 15 players who earned rings hail from nine different countries, and that doesn’t even include Tim Duncan’s native Virgin Islands, a U.S. territory. With two South Americans, a New Zealander, an Aussie, three Europeans, a Canadian and seven Americans, the Spurs definitely boasted one of the league’s most diverse rosters ever. In a mildly interesting note, all six mainland Americans hail from southern California or a state beginning with the word “New.”

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